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Our Programs

Water Quality Monitoring

The Alpine Watershed Group has developed monitoring programs that give volunteers the tools they need to be knowledgeable of and to better preserve the watersheds of Alpine County. Our Sierra headwaters help provides for most of Central California‘s and Western Nevada’s water needs. Our communities’ involvement in natural resource stewardship preserves the Sierra Nevada, waters the Central Valleys and supplies drinking water to San Francisco. Become a volunteer monitor; we are active and need your support. When you help us, you help protect the environment, and aid all who drink, play in and use Alpine County water.


Click Here to learn more about our water quality monitoring program.


To volunteer for our water quality monitoring program please click here.


The Alpine Watershed Group utilizes many restoration techniques in order to limit erosion and turbidity in streams and to prevent damage to wetlands.  For over a decade our volunteers have lead and supported regular noxious weed pulls, native plant revegetation, and have used willows to both plant and build brush boxes and mats.  These structures are called biomechanical treatments and are used to stabilize stream bank and channels.  Please view our calendar of events and see if any of our restoration projects interests you.  We’d love to have your help!     


Click Here to read more about our restoration projects.


To volunteer for our restoration projects please Click Here.

Education and Outreach

The Alpine Watershed Group strives to inspire community members and visitors about the value of our natural resources.  We reach out in a variety of ways, including tabling regional events, providing educational presentations to community groups and engaging students in science education and hands-on restoration projects.


Click Here for more information on Education and Outreach.


To volunteer for education and outreach please Click Here.

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